Cool html stuff you probably were looking for a while. Please credit if you use them. Thank you.

What is .htaccess?
An .htaccess file is a plain text file that contains server directives. You can add these directives line by line, one on each line. They can be added in a main directory or a subdirectory, but if you add it into the subdirectory it will cancel out any .htaccess file you have in the main directory. Some things you can do with .htaccess are error documents, password protection, and image protection.

How do I make a custom 404 error page?
A 404 error pages show up if someone tries to access a page that doesn't exist on your domain. However, you do have to have your own domain to do this in most cases. Upload a .txt file with FTP to your main directory with the following lines:

Make it appear as one line in your file please.

Change 'yourdomain' to your own. After you've done that, save that file as .htaccess (instead of .txt). Make sure to include the dot in front! Next you need to make your error page as error.html, which is a regular HTML page that lets people know they reached that page in error. You can add whatever you want to your error page, a redirect to your main site is always a good thing to include.

Upload the error page, and now when you type in an incorrect url to your domain, your custom error page will appear.

How do I prevent direct linking my images?
I always fought people direct linking my images, they are so evil to do so. It's arrant and costs bandwidth money. If you have the same problem, upload a text file named .htaccess with the following lines:

Make it appear as five lines in your file please.

Be sure to change nothing but 'yourdomain' to yours. Upload that file to your domain. As long as your host supports mod rewrite, no one will be able to direct link to your .gif or .jpg images any more.

How do I prevent direct linking my images and let a bad image appear instead?
You can replace the direct linked image with another image of your choice such as "you steal bandwidth" or "direct linkers are evil," etc. Use these lines instead of the above ones:

Make it appear as five lines in your file please.

Just replace '' with the proper deatils of your domain and image name you want to appear. Really funny huh?! Hehehe.

How do I block IP addresses?
By adding an .htaccess file to your root directory, you can easily block IP addresses from viewing your site. Make sure to save that file as .htaccess with the following lines:

Make it appear as four lines in your file please.

Replace '' with the IP you want to block. You can surely add more than one IP. Partial IPs can also be banned in the format 000.00.* 0.0.0.* etc. Upload the file to your root directory, or to whichever directory you need to block the IP address from. If you upload it to your root directory, it blocks the ip address from your entire site, otherwise just from the subdirectory.

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