If you are a webdesigner or webmaster or just a crazy kid being skilled in using html and graphic programs, this is the right place for you to find a new home. Gubblebum is not only offering you a cuddly place for your hard work but many things beyond. Get your own free hosting space and bandwidth, a subdomain, personal email, php, cgi, ftp blabla and all that stuff.

If you are having a personal site, collective or whatever comes to mind, on a freeserver and are fed up with the stupid banner ads, pop ups or slow-transfer, just have a try and become a member of the gubblebum family. We are already waiting for you. As long as your site is anime or X-Files themed, you are free to apply.

The idea to host began with the idea of hosting journals only. It came to my mind after having my own one. I love to blog and spam the world with my crazy thoughts and I love it even more to get a comment or reaction of the reader. Some of my closest web-friends did not have the ability to upload such a cgi/mysql-journal, but I did. And because I am a nice girl, I offered to host them. As a result the idea grew to host also strangers, not only friends.

The journal idea turned into hosting personal sites with anime or X-Files content. I like it to host and help skilled people to find a home for their sites. There are a lot of talented designer out there, but broke to buy a domain, webspace and bandwidth. So now you got Gubblebum to pay for all these things. Everyone can join, as long as you agrees to certain rules and have certain artistic skills.

Since: JAN/09/2002
Created by: shiricki
Version: blue blossoms
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