Okay, this will require a little of your time. Please read all of this very very carefully. Your application is my first impression from you, reading this will help to leave a good one.

The site you want to get hosted, must exist already. This website should show me your ability to use graphic programs and html. Your site must have a wonderful designed layout. 50% of my decision will be found on the quality of your layout design. If you never designed a site, never used html or never used a FTP, do not apply. I sadly don't have the time to teach you.

Please be talented. No 5-minutes sites, no stolen or free layout. Use and show me your talent, that's what convinces me really.

I do not host sites containing anything I do not like. I know that this is hard, but I do not like the chart singers or bands or baby faced actors ad I do notwant to host something like this. If your sites has an anime or X-Files design, the chance is big it will get hosted.

Do never use your site for anything else but what you have applied for. Meaning practically: do not apply for getting hosted your Angel Sanctuary Image Archive and turn it into a Harry Potter FanFiction Archive afterwards without asking.

Do not use your space only to "store your stuff". Do not upload anything that does not belong to the site that is being hosted.

Your site must be active and being updated regularily. I expect that you have the time to update your site at least one time a month. Please do not abandon your site for longer than two months.

Absolutely no advertisement on your site. Gubblebum is free, do not add any kind of banners or pop ups to your site. This also includes ads from services you use (counter, tagger etc). You are having your own cgi-bin, MySQL and PHP ability, anything you need can be installed without using a free services with ads.

Care for your site. You must delete spam comments made in guestbooks, tagboards etc, if a spammer comes over to your site and ads advertisement you must delete it immediately.

Do not lose contact your hostess ^__^ That is me, shiricki. I like to know my hostees better and consider them as friends rather than people I offer my space to.

Please link back to & visibly from your main page. Please do not hide that you belong to this place and give others a chance to find a hosting place too.

If you change your email, let me know so we do not lose contact. If you do not reply to my mails, I will think you ran away and will remove your site.

I hope you read through all the things above. If you did and agree, please continue reading the last point too and then click on this, it will lead you to the application page. I did that to ensure the rules will be read.

Please upload your site within one month after your application has been approved. If you cannot make it within a month due to illness or any unexpected problem, please email me, otherwise I will think you gave up and ran away and will delete your account without notification.

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