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May, 2018
Woa, almost 10 years and no update. Well, hosting is closed. I kind of moved on. The hosted websites remain online as long as the hostees want them. I will not accept new applications anymore. I am sorry. This website will remain online for the good old memories only. Have fun and enjoy your life. Thanks for reading.

July 13, 2008
Some new sites to announce. Welcome to Whyz by Dani, who has now a warm home here as well. Still accepting new hostees to the gubblebum family if you feel like joining :) Also Create the Future is over but still online. The future is close. The X-Files Movie II: I want to Believe will be in cinemas this month already. You all made it! Read your results at the website.

April 7, 2008
Your chance to get hosted! Ah now, the site is not dead, I just was so very busy with university and all that stuff, plus there were so many sites that could not be hosted. Sadly. I really want to give more hosting abilities to people, that is why I got a little less picky, also giving the ones a chance that are about to develop becoming good in all thewebstuff. :) So, if you are about to move to a private host, consider gubblebum.net :) I do not bite.

Here are two new sweet hostees. I accepted them because their applications were really sweet. I found they are two very lovely persons and very focused on imroving web skills. That was basically what counted most! So, here we go for the two newbies: Nudge at Broken Tears and Sharvari at My Edward. My very warmest welcomes to you!

If you are looking for a cozy place, read the rules and apply here. I'd love to offer a few new homes to kind people. ^^


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